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MD3CS enables organizations to build a winning strategy to provide emerging and disruptive capabilities and services to support our nation’s warfighters, acquisition professionals, and researchers.


MD3CS is committed to serve both non-traditional and traditional businesses with flexible, affordable, repeatable, and high-quality consultant services shaped to enable mission success.


•    Business Strategy Development
•    Leadership Development and Coaching
•    Rapid Prototyping Capability Assessments and Acquisition
•    Systems Integration, Analysis, Capability Assessment, and Transition support
•    Advice and Support on executing Other Transaction Authority Agreements and Federal Acquisition Regulation Contracts
•    Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and SBIR Technology TRansfer (STTR)
•    Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Outreach

MD3 Consultant Services is focused on understanding organizational challenges and providing strategy development assistance to enable rapid steady business growth.


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